Complaints and Appeals Policy



1. Policy

1.1 If a client has a complaint that they wish to raise with Ӱ they areencouraged to do so through the Complaints and Appeals procedure. Clients are alsoencouraged to appeal any decision if they feel they have valid grounds via the Appealsprocess as per this policy. This includes assessment and RPL decisions. Clients can lodgea complaint or appeal against any decision made by a third party providing services onӰ behalf, its trainers, assessors or others.

1.2 Clients may lodge informal and formal complaints. Clients may also access SouthernEducation internal and the external appeals process.

1.3 Ӱ has a procedure for informal/ formal complaints and internal and externalappeals processing/ handling.

1.4 All complaints and appeals lodged will be used for continuous improvement purposes.

1.5 The General Manager is responsible for implementing this policy and reviewing itseffectiveness in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

1.6 This policy will be implemented in compliance with the requirements of the Standards ofRegistered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 Standard 6.

1.7 This policy and procedure applies to all Ӱ clients and staff.

1.8 Clients right to access Australian consumer protection law and other legal remedies is notaffected by this policy and procedure.

1.9 All clients are provided information on Complaints and appeals policy and procedure pre andpost enrolment.

1.10 Ӱ encourages all parties to approach a complaint or appeal with an openview and to attempt to resolve problems through discussion and conciliation.

1.11 Clients may be accompanied and assisted by a representative at any time.

1.12 Clients’ enrolments are maintained whilst an internal complaint or appeal is in progress andthe outcome has not been determined.

1.13 If there is any matter arising from a client complaint or appeal that is a systemic issue whichrequires improvement action this will be reported to Ӱ managementmeeting as part of the continuous improvement process.

1.14 The client will incur no cost during the complaints and appeals process unless they seekexternal representation.

1.15 Complaints and appeals are taken seriously by Ӱ and action is commencedwithin 5 days of receipt of a complaint or appeal. Ӱ act upon the outcomeof any complaint found to be substantiated. Appeals must be lodged within 20 working daysof the decision of a complaint process or assessment result.

1.16 Clients are provided the opportunity to lodge their complaint or appeal in writing.

1.17 The principles of natural justice and procedural fairness are consistently applied whenӰ is implementing this policy and procedure.

1.18 Ӱ encourages all parties to approach a complaint or appeal with an openview and to attempt to resolve problems in a fair, unbiased and equitable manner throughdiscussion and conciliation.

1.19 All complaints and appeals will be handled professionally and confidentially in order toachieve a satisfactory resolution that is fair, unbiased and equitable to all parties.

1.20 Where a complaint or appeal cannot be resolved through discussion and conciliation, weacknowledge the need for an appropriate external and independent agent to review theprocess implemented by the Institute.

1.21 The followingprocedure outlines how clients will have their complaints and appealsprocessed.

Further information

Ӱ Complaints and Appeals policy and procedure in no way effects the clients right=to access consumer affairs legislation and legal representation.

Clients also have the right to contact the VET regulator if they are dissatisfied with the complaints andappeals process and lodge a complaint against Ӱ.

National VET Regulator

Australian Skills Quality Authority
Web: www.asqa.gov.au
Email: enquiries@asqa.gov.au
Phone: 1300 701 801